The Romano Viazzani Ensemble Concert – St James’s Church – Sussex Gardens – London – April 20th 2024

The Romano Viazzani Ensemble at Chester Cathedral

TRVE open their spring concert season in the beautiful acoustic of St James’s Church

The Romano Viazzani Ensemble seem to be playing in a lot of churches and cathedrals recently. St James’s Church in the heart of London’s Paddington district is a real gem. It’s a stunning church in the Gothic Revival-style of the 19th century and has a wonderful acoustic so is regularly used for concerts and recording. In fact Romano Viazzani recorded there just after the pandemic as part of the chamber orchestra that recorded the beautiful Italianate piece by John Young Il Mezzogiorno. 

The Ensemble will be playing a selection of music from their London Tango album, some traditional Argentine tango and one or two stunning new arrangements. For this concert they will be joined by the wonderful soprano Luciana Di Bella.

Soprano:: Luciana Di Bella

Mezzo Soprano: Jacqui Tate

Violin: Philippa Mo

Guitar: Jonathan Preiss

Piano: John Bailey

Double Bass: James Trowbridge

Accordion/Bandoneon:  Romano Viazzani


The Romano Viazzani Ensemble at Chester Cathedral
The Romano Viazzani Ensemble at Chester Cathedral