John Young releases Il Mezzogiorno – with Romano Viazzani on accordion in the chamber orchestra

Il Mezzogiorno - John Young

The talented young composer gives a nod to his Italian roots in a stunning new composition

Recorded at the beautiful gothic revival church of St James’s in Sussex Gardens, Paddington, London, with a scratch chamber orchestra John Young released his wonderfully Italianate composition Il Mezzogiorno in September and is available to view as a video on YouTube and to listen on Spotify and other media platforms.

It’s title means “The Midday” which is the geographical name commonly associated with the beautiful south of Italy and with it’s chamber orchestra which includes Romano Viazzani on a musette accordion it really does set the scene very well indeed. The piece also includes some elements of tango too alluding not only to the south of Italy but perhaps even more southerly than that to the southern hemisphere. On these cold Winter days why not give it a listen and know that after the solstice on December 22nd the days gradually start getting longer again and we will be heading towards the Spring!

John Young conducting