Iosif Purits at the Wigmore Hall

Iosif Purits

On Wednesday 28th January 2015 the Wigmore Hall will once again hear the sound of an accordion when current Royal Academy of Music post-graduate student Iosif Purits will play at the Patrons Award Final. The competition starts at 1pm, and Purits will play a 30-minute programme approximately at 1:30pm. This is a very interesting competition as it pits accordionists not against other accordionists but musicians on other instruments. He is the latest in a long line of Royal Academy of Music accordion students who have played at the top concert venue in various competitions. Purits has been studying at the RAM with Owen Murray since September 2015. His programme will be:

Bent Lorentzen  – Tears (8’) Sergei Prokofiev – Satanic Apparition (3’) Modest Mussorgsky – Children’s Scherzo (3’) Vladimir Ryabov – River of Love (8’) Franz Liszt (arr. Vladimir Horowitz) – Hungarian Rhapsody no.15, ‘Rákóczy March’ (5’)

You will also catch Purits at a recital at the RAM on 20th January at 5pm with a similar programme and also at a lunchtime concert in Bristol at the Colston hall on 3rd February.2015.  More about this last concert in February’s newsletter.