New Scottish Dance Music by Stewart C. Walker

The Kitchen Two-Step-Stewart Walker:Marches: Aldourie Castle At the bandstand Burns Night in Bangladesh Jigs: The Nairn spire Andrew McAnespie Sant Colm's Fair The train to Vercelli Strathspeys: The harvest strathspey Stepping stones The old grey heron The waterwheel Reels: Teazles in the wind Roosting rooks Judy MacPherson's reel Theresa and Iain Hamilton Waltzes: Silhouette waltz Janet and Stewart Walker's wedding Waltz Marches: The scarecrow's barn dance The Dhaka Caledonian Society Jigs: EileenAddly the artist Gathering the winter barley The springtime jig The goldfinch Reels: Travelling sands Over the viaduct Jimmy Craigie's reel Just around the corner Waltzes: Norma and Gavin Breathet Mairi and David's wedding waltz Two-step: The kitchen two-step

The Kitchen Two-Step – Scottish Dance Music

The Kitchen Two-Step is a new publication we now have in stock featuring some all new Scottish dance music by accordionist and band leader Stewart C. Walker.  It’s in a very simple melody line and chord symbol format and is aimed at accordion and fiddle players.  It’s a lovely collection of jigs, reels, waltzes etc. composed by Walker over the years and were lying around on various bits of manuscript paper and now finally he has published them as a whole album.  So why not get your Scottish musette-tuned accordion and dance around the kitchen being mindful of any pots boiling on the stove and remembering where the fire exits are!