Tony Compton Recital in Southend on Wednesday 21st September 2022

Jazz accordionist Tony Compton in lunchtime concert at Southend Civic Centre Council Chamber

Time: 12.15-1.00pm

After the success of his well-attended July Jazz workshop/masterclass with Karen Street, Tony Compton will play a lunchtime recital this September playing a variety of music from  Jazz. Astor Piazzolla, gypsy, Frosini, film music and much more and will be joined by Simon Ramet for some of it on his Roland V-Accordion or (“PANDAMONIC”  as Jack Emblow calls it!). Actually Ramet handles this instrument very well it must be said. 

This concert is part of a series of lunchtime concerts at the civic centre which are free to attend but have a retiring collection for the musicians. A list of the other concerts in the series can be found here:

There is a lovely article on the Essex Freemasons website about the success of Tony Compton’s master class event which ZZ Music covered last July. You can read all about it here:


Here are some photos from it to whet your appetite: