Paris Opera Tango composed by Romano Viazzani for Michela Musco -March 8th 2023 Now released

Michela Musco

A vocalise for coloratura soprano, accordion, piano, percussion and string orchestra

When Romano Viazzani was asked to write a vocalise for coloratura soprano Michela Musco, he fused his passion for Argentine tango with the Paris based singer operatic background. “it immediately became clear that Ms Musco had an incredible range both vocally and stylistically and I wanted to write something that would show off that incredible talent” said Viazzani. “The piece was written in just a few days and a I was overjoyed that both she and producer Gianluca Bibiani loved it”.

London-based Viazzani and Paris-based Musco recorded the piece in Italy near the beautiful Umbrian town of Spoleto for the Ars Spoletium label with the strings of the wonderful Collegium Tiberinum ensemble and Viazzani on accordion and piano.

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