Karen Street to play with The Mike Westbrook Orchestra in Lugo – Italy 6th October 2022

MIke Westbrook

Rossini Reloaded is the theme for this jazz/rock take on Rossini’s works

Thursday  6th October 2022 at 20.30
Mike Westbrook Orchestra

Jazz and rock variations of Rossini’s works William Tell, The Barber of Seville and The Thieving Magpie in Lugo, Italy with Karen Street on Accordion.
The Uncommon Orchestra, under the direction of Mike Westbrook, is made up of 19 musicians, including singer Kate Westbrook, the wife and companion of the bandleader, and other exponents of the British jazz scene such as saxophonists Peter Whyman e Alan Wakeman, and trumpeter Dave Holdsworth.
Line-up: Chris Biscoe, Peter Whyman, Sarah Dean, Alan Wakeman, Ian Wellens (saxes), Robin Pengilly, Andy Hague, Graham Russell, Sam Massey (trumpets), Joe Carnell, Stewart Stunell, Sam Chamberlain-Keen, Ashley Nayler (trombones), Frank Schaefer, (violoncello), Marcus Vergette (bass), Coach York (drums), Kate Westbrook (vocals), Benjamin Cottrell (pianoforte), Mike Westbrook (pianoforte) Karen Street (Accordion)
Karen Street
Karen Street












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