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A new Beltrami accordion for Ben de Souza

Ben de Sousa with his new Beltrami CVC5

Currently in his second year at the Royal Academy of Music Ben de Sousa spent his gap year converting from a classical piano accordion to the more compact classical button accordion. He also spent some time in Italy learning how to tune and repair accordions with Beltrami in Stradella. It was then that he decided to design his future instrument and trust its construction to Claudio Beltrami.

Claudio Beltrami restores the Dallapé Liturgical Accordion

Gian Felice Fugazza plays the Dallapé Liturgical Accordion

Claudio Beltrami restores the Dallapé Liturgical Accordion. It’s the stuff of legend and where legends are involved there is always a mystery involved. The Dallapé Liturgical accordion or “La Liturgica” belonging to Stradella Accordion Museum has just been restored by Claudio Beltrami of Beltrami Accordions, Stradella.