WARM-UP, Flute and accordion, Jazz and improvisation – a new album from Thomas Sinigaglia



Thomas Sinigaglia presents the new album with the flautist Stefano Benini









WARM-UP, Flute and accordion, Jazz and improvisation. Two instruments perhaps a bit atypical in Afro-American music, but that many musicians, during the twentieth century, explored and inserted into various ensembles, giving them the full right to be part of jazz music spectrum. In this album the two musicians wanted to explore both the more traditional sounds of jazz (Killer Joe, Cute, Some day my prince will come and Nose flute blues, played with a nose flute), and the more experimental and mainstream ones, where pure improvisation and interplay are the masters (Crosstalk and Desert); they also wanted to include a very sweet theme by Caetano Veloso (Lindeza) and two tributes to Lennie Tristano (Out but where? and Turkish mambo) whom they both admire very much. So, a few years ago, when they met, they asked themselves what a jazz duo with flute and accordion would play? This record is their answer! Sdaly not available directly from ZZ Music but…

Listen to the preview of the album on Thomas Sinigaglia’s YouTube channel:https://youtu.be/b1grzjh3Tks.

The album can be purchased on https://www.ibs.it and https://www.amazon.it

For contacts: https://www.thomassinigaglia.it and http://www.stefanobenini.altervista.org/index.html