The London Tango Workshop Film – based on London Tango (Ballet) by Romano Viazzani

London Tango Ballet with Laura Lorenzi, Carlos Cisneros, Daniel Raphael photo by Jack Thomson

Directed by Mike Figgis

This film is a short documentary which, it is hoped will lead to further funding in order to make an 9 minute fantasy tango ballet film based on The Romano Viazzani Ensemble’s recording of London Tango (Ballet).  It documents the two-week studio workshop where choreography and characters were explored, the results of which were put to a small invited audience.

Directed by Mike Figgis, choreographed by Amir Giles, written and produced by Romano Viazzani in conjunction with Moving Art Management, with Kate Flatt as artistic consultant, the star dancers Laura Lorenzi, Carlos Cisneros and Daniel Raphael, superbly supported by Lesta Woo, Jay Adegbenro, Mina and Giraldo, dancers from the Corrientes Social Club, and Touchdown Dance, this film has all the ingredients needed to achieve its aims. Please comment and share as widely as possible. A version with audio description for the available to on a separate post, as is a version with Italian subtitles.

Funded by Arts Council England

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