Sevenoaks Three Arts Festival is back live in June 2022! Accordionists welcome


This year there has been interest already on the part of accordionists

2022 Festival – a live Festival will be held in June 2022. Classes will be over two weekends – 11, 12, 18 and 19 June at Walthamstow Hall Senior School, Sevenoaks, in Speech & Drama, Piano, Singing (including Choirs), Woodwind & Brass (including Orchestras), Strings and Accordions. The Prizewinners’ Concert will be on Saturday 25 June in The Ship Theatre, Walthamstow Hall Senior School. The syllabus for the 2022 Festival is available by clicking below. Entries can be made between 10 January and 23 April , using our online entry system on this site. The accordion adjudicator this year will be Romano Viazzani.

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Sevenoaks Three Arts Festival is a great supporter of the accordion and always includes it in their programme.  Let’s repay them by showing great support for them.