No.1 Ladies Accordion Orchestra bounce back after the pandemic- 12th and 13th March 2022.


Hot on the heals of International Women’s Day…

A reminder that the No.1 Ladies Accordion Orchestra is performing for the first time in over two years in Youlgreave, Derbyshire this coming weekend,12th and 13th March 2022.

This all-squeezing, cake-loving, tea (and wine!) drinking band of lovely talented ladies has enthralled audiences across the country, in village halls, ballrooms, festivals, fetes, parties, piers and pavilions. With the unexpected sounds of multiple accordions ably led by Musical Director Jane Ward, and played with sensitivity, versatility and a unique style of charming idiosyncrasy, many an accordion-phobe has been made to think twice! An afternoon or evening in the company of the No 1 Ladies offers the delights of waltzes and tangos, film music and hornpipes, bellows and banter, jollity and jigs!  An orchestra, the likes of which has never been seen or heard before, promising fun, frocks and frolics, with a delicious recipe of musical treats to make your hearts sing and bring a smile to your face.

Further details and tickets are available via our website: