Royal Academy of Music Final Recital Performances – June 8th 2017 at 17.45 – 21.30

Royal Academy of Music

One Under-Graduate Accordion Recital and two Post-Graduate Accordion Recitals – David Josefowitz Recital Hall. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear the RAM accordion students perform in their final recitals and see the culmination of their studies as they finish their respective courses.  Each performance is 50 – minutes with a short break between performances and will combine solo and chamber music works.

Under-Graduate – Katariina Ahjonienemi

Katariina Ahjonienemi








Post-Graduate – Ilona Suomalainen

Ilona Suomalainen






Post-Graduate – Inigo Mikeleiz-Berrade

Inigo Mikeleiz-Berrade