Romano Viazzani latest release for singer Michela Musco – A New Start – Another Paris Monday Morning

A New Start - Another Paris Monday Morning

Hot on the heals of Paris Opera Tango – a new single

Michela Musco








Ars Spoletium has released a second of Romano Viazzani’s compositions recorded by the wonderfully versatile singer Michela Musco. In complete contrast to the operatic style of Paris Opera Tango, this song is poppy and jazzy with some Parisian style about it. Lyrically however, the song is about someone who has sought a new life in a different place. Very topical you might say. Whether it was to escape war, political unrest or just to fulfil a desire or ambition to succeed, the reasons are not given, except to say that it was to leave ‘a situation that was a little tricky’. Somewhere in all our pasts there will be a migration story. It’s as old a story as when homo sapiens first migrated out of the Great Rift Valley in Africa. 

The song is available on all digital platforms on this link:

The sheet music  Paris Opera Tango and of A New Start, the latter both in busker form or in full score form for band is downloadable for free from the Ars Spoletuim website.