Douglas Ward – Reedwax Music – New website makeover

Douglas Ward

Accordionist Douglas Ward has played the accordion for over 50 years, professionally for 17 of those years, and the accordion took him around the world. He’s always in demand for adjudication in various accordion competitions.

Over the past few years, he has been busy composing for the instrument. On his recently, and most attractively, revamped Reedwax Music website, there are now over 80 compositions, and in the Accordion Music Shop, teachers and players can choose a piece, and click on BUY to download the compositions directly – with PayPal. All prices are in Sterling.

Teachers can also click on the first photo on the website home page (“For Teachers”) where it lists the compositions, the grades, and whether a piece is for Standard Bass, or Free Bass instruments. The website is very easy to navigate and the music is beautifully presented.  We hope that both teachers and students will take this opportunity to investigate and we at ZZ Music wish Douglas Ward every success with it.