Southern Cone Quintet – Saturday, March 25th 2017 at 7:30 PM- St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace

Southern Cone Quintet - St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation and Peace

Southern Cone Quintet – Impressions of music from Argentina, Chile & Uruguay

Southern Cone Quintet takes its name from the geographical area of the same name, embracing the countries of Uruguay, Argentina and Chile. The Southern Cone has a rich and diverse musical tradition, with genres including Tango, Cueca, and Candombe, as well as indigenous ethnic forms such as Mapuche music.

It is from this rich earth that the Southern Cone Quintet draws its inspiration. The repertoire consists of re-arrangements of pieces from a wide variety of sources. From twentieth century composers like Astor Piazzolla and Violeta Parra, to traditional folk songs and ancient native chants. While the style resembles Nuevo Tango, it could also be described as “Nueva Cueca” or “Nuevo Candombe”.

The performers are as diverse as the music itself. They include a Chilean-born arranger and woodwind player, a Spanish prodigy accordionist, a classical violinist of Bosnian roots, as well as a jazz guitarist and double bassist (both British).

‘Absolutely outstanding….Wonderfully romantic… What a way to start this year’s BBC Proms Lates’ BBC Radio 3

*Lucia Veintimilla* – violin
Claude Werner – clarinet/flute/arranger
James Kitchman – electric guitar
Iñigo Mikeleiz Berrade – accordion
Louis Thomas – double bass

*Special guest

Food and drink will be available for sale on the night.
Food will be provided by Emanuel Peruvian Kitchen

Doors open at 7pm
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