RAM accordion student Alise Siliņa – psychedelic performance – 5th October 2023 – London

Alise Silina

2. AETHEREALLY, The Universes of the Accordion

05 October 2023, 7.30pm
SEACC, Main Hall
London SW6 3EZRising star accordionist Alise Silina offers a mind-blowing exploration of the universe of possibilities contained within the sounds of the accordion. This event is carefully designed to entrance the audience in a reflexion about the nature of reality, following a storyline conducted by a narrator, who might be real or not. This programme will include the performance of Aethereally, by Bernardo Simões, a piece for accordion and oboe that invites listeners to a nearly psychedelic journey of lights, colours and textures. On this date, we will also release the ‘creation’ of Aethereally on the NEW STAGES CREATIONS video platform, an enthralling piece of music-video art.