New jazz accordion tutor by world-renowned jazz accordionist Renzo Ruggieri translated by Romano Viazzani

Elements of Jazz Music - Renzo Ruggieri

 Elements of Jazz Music – Basic Level – for accordion (adaptable to the piano) by Renzo Ruggieri

At last a tutor book which contains a structured course in jazz music as applied to the Accordion. The world-renowned jazz accordionist Renzo Ruggieri leaves no stone unturned in this educational journey through playing jazz on the accordion, from the history for jazz and its various styles to the knowledge of modes, chords and rhythms, needed to make the first inroads into playing a solo. ZZ Music is happy to present Elements of Jazz Music published by Voglia D’Arte and is priced at £22.00 sterling. This book has been translated into English by Romano Viazzani now and so is available to the English-speaking world too.

The book contains scale runs in various modes and has some great little tunes based on the chord structures of some popular jazz standards. It looks at chord voicings and how to accompany with the left hand too whether one plays standard or free bass.

With a charming Introduction by Gianni Coscia (whose accordion can be heard in many a film) all in all this is a very well-thought-out book which will be a great help to the budding jazz accordionist.

Romano Viazzani - accordion
Romano Viazzani
Renzo Ruggieri
Renzo Ruggieri