New Jazz Accordion course at Teramo Conservatoire with Renzo Ruggieri

Italian Jazz Accordion master heads up new post

Renzo Ruggieri announced this week that will be teacher of JAZZ ACCORDION (Masters Level) at the “Gaetano Braga” Conservatory of Teramo. Italy.
The course will start in the academic year of year 2021/22.

This is one of the first classes in the world at a conservatoire specifically for this discipline. Generally it is easier to find it included in  World Music & Popular Music courses and never with a specific Jazz denomination

Anyone who knows Ruggieri knows that he has always spent a lot of time on this teaching. He has held many seminars, master classes in international conservatories, He has also  published a lot of material and prepared students for  competitions which they have gone on to win. He has also taught in special experimental courses in the following  conservatoires: Gaetano Braga (Teramo), Stanislao Giacomantonio (Cosenza), Agostino Steffani (Castelfranco Veneto) and P.I. Tchaikovsky (Nocera Terinese). He was also the initiator of a petition for the cause.

Well done Renzo for achieving this for the Jazz Accordion, an instrument to which you have given all of your life.

The Conservatorio “Gaetano Braga”, TERAMO