Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi – Masterclass – Tuesday 30th November 2021 at 10.00

Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi

Super Mario returns with his chromatic bandoneon and tango masterclass

Accordionist Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi is back for a masterclass working with the accordion students of the Royal Academy of Music accordion department. As well as being a very fine accordionist Pietrodarchi is the visting bandoneon professor and plays the unisonoric chromatic bandoneon as well as the accordion.

The unisonoric bandoneon is often played by classical accordionists as unlike the bisonoric version most commonly played in Argentina, the unisonoric version has a layout very similar to classical accordions and features notes which play the same pitch in both directions of the bellows.

Pietrodarchi has also worked with a tango chamber group in the past at the RAM.  The workshops are open to the public to watch and are a great help and inspiration to teachers and students alike.

Masterclass – Tuesday 30th November 2021 at 10.00