Joanna Strand and Jacqui Tate are back with their Christmas Show! – Romano Viazzani on accordion 11th December 2022

Joanna Strand and Jacqui Tate Christmas Show - The Pheasantry

Plenty of seasonal hope that 2022 will be a normal Christmas after a two year absence the West End duo are back at Pizza Express Live Holborn!

11th December 2022  12:00pm for 1:00pm Pizza Express Live (Holborn)   £22.00

Nothing says that Christmas is here like going to a Joanna Strand and Jacqui Tate Christmas cabaret but this year after a two-year absence due to the pandemic the event will be all the more poignant and a sign that things are approaching normality again!  Don’t miss it then and book your tickets now and come have your Sunday lunch at the Pizza Express Live in Holborn.

The line up accompanying them will be the usual line-up of Romano Viazzani on accordion, John Bailey on piano, Jason Reeve on Drums and Nick Pini on Double Bass.