Harmonik – A wonderful new accordion microphone system from Brazil

Harmonik ac5001plus

ZZ Music Accordion Repairs to supply and fit Harmonik

ZZ Music Accordion Repairs are pleased to supply and fit Harmonik a new microphone system developed for accordion in Brazil.  Accordion is maybe not the first country one associates with the accordion but the reality is that the accordion is really big in Brazil.  A huge number of people play the accordion there both on a professional and amateur basis. We were very lucky to have in the UK one of the most amazing jazz accordionists of today, Chico Chagas who was living,working and studying in London until a few years ago.

HARMONIK® was founded in 2012.  A good performance on the stage depends on many factors, but primarily the quality of sound that the musician hears from his/her instrument. After experiencing many problems with sound quality and volume on stage using many existing systems from the market, accordionist and engineer Jonatan Dalmonte decided in mid-2012 to devote himself to the development of a microphone system that would solve the problems that many accordionists have of amplifying the sound of his/her instrument. After numerous tests with many different microphones, environments and accordionists, the results obtained were praised by various demanding musicians and sound technicians. The wide acceptance of this project culminated in the birth of the company Harmonik, whose principal objective is to provide musicians with a high quality microphone system.

Harmonik ac5001plus










The treble mics are held in tiny harnesses which are sprung therefore isolating mechanically the microphones in the body of the accordion, absorbing the mechanical vibrations that are produced whilst playing. This results in a much clearer and more natural sound and one which is extremely resistant to the creation of feedback. If you would like to fit this wonderful system to your accordion please email us: Please email us to book an appointment: info@zzmusic.uk

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The four kits we supply:                             All-in price to supply and fit:                                                                           

AC501-HQ                                                                               £420.00

AC501-PLUS                                                                           £475.00                                                                                                               

AC5001-HQ                                                                             £530.00

AC5001-PLUS                                                                         £585.00