Accordionist Mark Lassis and his jazz fusion band Optica play at The Post Bar, Tottenham 24th September 2023

Mark Lassis - Optica

Rising jazz fusion star Mark Lassis starts to find his sound

It’s so nice to see a young accordionist who studies the classical accordion, as all young players should, use the fruits of his musical knowledge to find his sound in the jazz fusion scene. We really do find the accordion in all kinds of musical genres now and this is a good thing.  The thing about Mark is that he is still a teenager and has all his life ahead of him to really make his music count.  ZZ Music wishes him well.  You can see him and his extremely tight band on the 24th September at The Post Bar in Tottenham, London. Their set starts at 6.30pm.  There will be other bands on too but I know which one we’ll be shouting for!