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Fifi la Mer releases two new CDs

Fifi la Mer Vol 1 and Vol 2

Fifi la Mer releases two new CDs – two wonderfully entertaining new albums. Her appealing vocals which convey a wonderful quality of almost childlike innocence but one shouldn’t be fooled by that because many of her lyrics contain cheeky and humorous cheeky twists. Fifi, accompanies herself on accordion and credits herself for whistling too (one can almost hear her chuckling at the the delight of this skill!) in this appealing and often humorous take on many French chansons and Standards across both two fun albums. She is aided and abetted by some truly wonderful musicians. Colin Oxley on Guitar, Julian Bury on Double Bass and Tenor Sax, Alex Garnett on Clarinet, Tenor sax, and vocals, and Olly Wilby on Clarinet and Tenor Sax.