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Inger Murray – RIP

Inger Murray

ZZMusic are shocked and saddened at the recent passing of Inger Murray, the renowned psychologist, author of Getting Rid Of Stage Fright And Performance Anxiety and wife of Royal Academy of Music accordion professor, Owen Murray. 

Gigi Stok – Centenary – 100 years of great accordion music

ZZ Music has new Gigi Stok old stock music in stock! How sad that due to Covid 19 restrictions the planned concert celebrating Gigi Stok’s centenary will not take place this year in Italy.  Plans are afoot to postpone it till next year depending on how the virus behaves over this coming winter. However, ZZ Music will endeavour to mark the maestro’s centenary by making available some new, old stock music after the more recent Ricordi/BMG publications now out of print have become increasingly hard to find.