Royal Academy of Music Final Recital Performances – June 8th 2017 at 17.45 – 21.30

Royal Academy of Music

One Under-Graduate Accordion Recital and two Post-Graduate Accordion Recitals – David Josefowitz Recital Hall. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear the RAM accordion students perform in their final recitals and see the culmination of their studies as they finish their respective courses.  Each performance is 50 – minutes with a short break between performances and will combine solo and chamber music works.

Under-Graduate – Katariina Ahjonienemi

Katariina Ahjonienemi








Post-Graduate – Ilona Suomalainen

Ilona Suomalainen






Post-Graduate – Inigo Mikeleiz-Berrade

Inigo Mikeleiz-Berrade

Mie Miki Accordion Masterclass at the Royal Academy of Music – June 22nd 2017 10.00-13.00

Mie Miki

Mie Miki – Accordion Masterclass

Thursday 22nd June 10.00 am – 1.00 pm  – Free (no tickets required)

Watching eminent accordion professors work with very capable students is not only a joy but extremely educational for accordion teachers.  Very often one will hear an excellent performance by a student and then the professor mill make some suggestions and the piece will emerge once more but this time it will be different.  It is wonderful to see what different teachers do with the same piece of music and equally fascinating to see very able students adapt instantly to the teacher’s suggestions. Mie Miki is professor of accordion at the Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen, Germany. She is one of the world’s top performing musicians and plays a classical accordion which has 9-rows of buttons in the left hand.  The three rows of fixed free bass being placed between the standard bass and the bellows. She has recorded many CDs and is one of the world’s most respected classical accordionists. This is the second time she has visited the Royal Academy. Don’t miss this opportunity to see her at work.

Milos Milivojevic Summer/Autumn Classical Accordion Concert Season 2017

Milos Milivojevic new accordion

Accordionist Milos Milivojevic in full swing for the Summer and Autumn 2017

We join the wonderful Milos Milivojevic in the middle of his busy 2017 schedule.  Just a quick look at his concert dates below shows what busy musician he is playing with many different ensembles.  Always a pleasure to hear Milos always delivers top class performances so catch him with his new classical accordion at a venue near you if you can.


1st June 2017, 7.30pm
With Kosmos Ensemble
Music in Quiet Places
St Andrew’s Church
NG34 0LU

2nd June, 7.30pm
Burton Bradstock Festival
With David Juritz Violin and Adrian Bradbury Cello

7th June, 8pm
Storyhouse, Chester
Gran Caffe Venezia, Ensemble Deva
With Craig Ogden guitar, Sophie Rosa violin, Roberto Carrillo-Garcia bass, Ben Powell, piano.

17th June, 7.30pm
Ulverston Festival
Coronation Hall
With Paprika


13 July 2017, 7.30pm
LSO St Luke’s
Woman at Point Zero
Composed by Bushra El-Turk
Director Maria Koripas
Ensemble Zar:
Merit Ariane Stephanos Firdaus
Louai Alhenawi nays
Miloš Milivojević accordion
Raphaela Danksagmüller flutes
Naomi Sato sho
Carmen Troncoso recorders

13th July – 29th July, London
Alice in Wonderland
Opera Holland Park


14th – 18th august
Burton Bradstock Festival of Music, Dorset.


14th September 2017, 7.30pm
With Kosmos Ensemble
St Wilfrid’s Church
Church Lane
Warrington WA4 3EP

2nd October, 7.30pm
With Kosmos Ensemble
Luton Music Society

11th October, 7.30pm
With Kosmos Ensemble
East Finchley Arts Festival
All Saints’ Church
Durham Road
East Finchley
London N2 9DP

2nd November 2017, 1.30pm
With Kosmos Ensemble
Imperial College London
South Kensington Campus
London SW7 2AZ, UK
tel: +44 (0)20 7589 5111
For further information on Milos see

Craven Accordion Orchestra at Clapham Village, North Yorkshire – 24th June 2017

Craven Accordion Orchestra Flier

Craven Accordion Orchestra

Craven Accordion Orchestra










Craven Accordion Orchestra will be performing at St, James’s Church, Clapham Village, North Yorkshire on Saturday June 24th at 19.30.

Tickets are £5 and include refreshments and accompanied children under 14 get free entry.


Tickets available from Clapham Village Store or Liz mason 015242 51319 or Sue Mann 015242 51792

Cambridge Competitive Music Festival

Dawn Loombe

Cambridge Competitive Music Festival

This is the first year that Cambridge Competitive Music Festival has had an accordion section and everyone was excited to see how the twenty or so players would fare.

The adjudicator was Eileen Field who, although not an accordionist, is an experienced professional musician with many years of adjudicating under her belt. She gave very relevant and informed feedback to each contestant, which covered, very thoroughly, their playing, interpretation, and how they might seek to improve their performances. She was very positive in her comments and was clearly delighted to see this new section taking place.

The first class was for players of 13 years or younger and was led by Jacqueline Chesher, who although rather nervous, gave a mature and very well controlled performance of Graham Romani’s Valse Continentale. She was followed by Steffan Modla-Thomas who played a Ukrainian folk song called Verhovnyo. He played with great style and gave a very authentic performance. Last to play in this section was Sasha Timofeev who played Benton’s Banana Split. He controlled his nerves well and was able to give a very enjoyable performance. The section was won by Steffan, whose performance really captured the spirit of the genre. He played with great gusto and an impressive degree of accuracy.

In the 18 Years and younger section, Leo Barlow played his own arrangement of Yoblochko, a traditional Russian folk dance. His performance was well played with good definition particularly in the treble chord passages, which were fast and furious. Although Leo was the only performer in this section, Eileen Field was pleased to congratulate him on his playing as well as pointing out to him, some useful methods of practising to improve his stability in performance.

In the Adult section, Ibby Mallett played a piece by Hermann Zilcher called Abendstimmung. This was a very subtle lyrical piece that was played with good expression and phrasing and beautiful bellows control. The next player was Gill Murden, whose performance of Gnossienne No1 by Eric Satie was very well interpreted. Although she was clearly nervous, she kept control of her playing and performed very musically with good style. However, the breadth of pallette and control shown by Ibby Mallet made her a clear winner.

Next came the duets; First up were Susanna Brooking (on Accordina) and Richard Dawson (on accordion). They played a Scottish melody called Cole’s Dream by John Perkins. They achieved a good balance between the two instruments and gave a very thoughtful performance. Then it was Susanna again with Christine Thompson and they gave us Nani’s Waltz, one of a collection of Klezmer pieces by Joachim Jochov and arranged for two accordions by Bert Santilly. They did well and kept their concentration through the various sections right to the end of the piece with some good interplay between the two parts. Finally, we heard Gill Murden and Jiri Kraus. They
played a very pleasing arrangement of a Czechoslovakian folk tune called Zivot Je Jen Jahada (‘Life is Luck’) by Jaroslavve Jezek. This was a very good performance with clear phrasing and dynamics and was a worthy winner in a well contested section.
The final class wasfor ensemble playing and was represented by Dawn Loombe’s ensemble players who played Mit Harmonica Grüss by Curt Mahr. This was a really energetic performance with good balance, clear dynamics and a high level of accuracy. They followed it with Waltz No 2 by Shostakovitch. Although this lacked some of the definition of their first offering it was nonetheless a good performance with expressive passage work and good control of the rallentandos. Eileen Field was very warm in her remarks about the group’s playing and very encouraging in comments about their performance.
Eileen Field, in her summing up, of the performances was very complimentary. She acknowledged the huge amount of practice by the students in preparing for the competition, and drew attention to the work that would follow as students continued to practise and improve their playing skills.
She also recognised and drew attention to the huge amount of work done by their teacher Dawn Loombe in preparing the students for the competition (not to mention her work in organizing the running of the section) and she looked forward to the following year when there would be an even larger number of students competing.
As a spectator, I can say without hesitation that we have a lot to be grateful for. Dawn has worked so hard; teaching, encouraging, and generally raising her students playing to a level that they would not perhaps would not previously have thought possible. Each student too, deserves our congratulations for the preparation they did and for their performances in the competition itself. The whole day was a thoroughly enjoyable occasion of which all those who took part can be justly proud. I can’t wait for next year!

Bert Santilly. 12/03/17.

ZZ Music wishes to thank Bert Santilly for this report.  It is very encouraging that the accordion is being included in more and more festivals which are not not exclusively for accordion.  It shows a growing interest in the instrument and a chance for it to be heard by a new audience. For further information on the next Cambridge Competitive Music festival please click on the link: