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Great accordion music

The Accordionist – (Soundtrack) Romano Viazzani and Bethany Jameson

£10.00 inc. VAT

Romano Viazzani and Bethany Jameson perform the soundtrack to the musical play The Accordionist.

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Romano Viazzani and Bethany Jameson perform the soundtrack to the musical play The Accordionist. Containing many original songs and incidental music composed by Romano Viazzani, contributions by Karen Street and Mark Bird, as well as some arrangements of some Edith Piaf classics.

1) Parallel Universe Lounge Bar Overture (Viazzani)
2) Medley: Toujours Amimer/Padam Padam (Raya/Dumont-Contet/Glanzberg)
3) Jacqueline’s escape (Viazzani) La Foule (Dizeo/Cabral/Rivegauche)
4) Overture to Jacqueline’s old routine with extracts from Mon manege moi/Toujours Aimer/Milord/Non, je ne regrette rien/L’accordioniste (Constantin-Raya/Dumont-Contet/Glanzberg Moustaki/Monnon-Vaucaire/Dumont-Emer)
5) Get out of my face (Viazzani-Jameson)
6) I just bought a brand new dress (Viazzani-Jameson)
7) Life Story (Jameson arr.Viazzani)
8)Separation (Viazzani/Mark Bird)
9) La vie en rose (Piaff/Louiguy)
10) Can we take it from the top? (Viazzani)
11) Your smile was meant for me (Viazzani-Jameson)
10) A tango for one (Viazzani-Jameson)
11)Dressing up (Viazzani)
11) Prelude No2 in C minor from 48 Preludes and Fugue WTK (J.S. Bach)
12) Non je ne regrette rien (Vaucaire/Dumont)
13) Parallel Universe (Viazzani-Jameson-Andy Morton)
14) Milord (Moustaki/Monnot)
15) Just her younger man (Jameson/Karen Street arr.Viazzani)
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