Get rid of stage fright and performance anxiety

Finally available in English Language – Inger Murray’s Mental Training for Musicians – A cure for stage fright

ZZ Music are incredibly pleased to be able to offer the long-awaited translation of Inger Murray’s book GET RID OF YOUR STAGE FRIGHT AND PERFORMANCE ANXIETY from its original Danish, that will be invaluable for musicians and other people in the performing arts as well as those who suffer from nervousness and other exposed situations.  Psychologist Inger Murray has worked  with many professional musicians with her Mental Training for Musician workshops.  She regularly holds them at the Royal Academy of Music in London as well as the Royal Danish Conservatoire in her native Denmark.

Many performers find they can play perfectly well when they practise but then in performance they lose focus, or show outward signs of nervousness which prevent them from giving a performance they are worthy of.  This book will help conquer this all to common problem with professionals, students and amateurs alike. It will help one to understand why it happens and how to counteract it. It is the next best thing to having a one to one or group session with this great lady herself.

This translation is by her husband, Owen Murray who is the classical accordion professor at the Royal Academy of Music. His students are notoriously strong in performance thanks to his inclusion of his wife’s experience and workshops as part of his teaching.

Whilst this book is great for any musicians as accordionists we know that the accordion is a notoriously difficult instrument to play and there are so many things that can go wrong in performance due to its complex structure, particularly in its Classical Free Bass incarnation. This can add stress to an already stressful performance situation.  This book gives the accordionist the tools to focus and relax in performance.



Accordion Festival in Brazil – 13th -15th July 2016 in Juazeiro

iv festival internacional da sanfona

IV Festival Internacional da Sanfona – 13th – 15th July in Juazeiro, Brazil (IV International Accordion Festival)

The accordion is a hugely popular instrument in Brazil so it’s heartening to see a large accordion festival taking place there in July.  Efforts are being made there to really develop the interest in the instrument not only along musically traditional lines.  Brazilian accordionists are starting to be seen in festivals and competitions around the world.  Brazil is definitely an emerging world power on the accordion scene.

Chico Chagas, Oswaldihno, Murl Sanders, Cathy Travers, Renato Borghetti to name but a few of the international “Sanfona” (accordion) artists who will play at this international festival in Juazeiro, Brazil,  Concerts, Workshops, Trade areas and Jam Sessions are all planned for the three day event.

The website is just in Portuguese but you can always use Google Translate if you’re struggling to decipher the detail.


ZZ Music would like to wish the festival every success this year and in the future.

Chico Chagas and his custom-built Beltrami P26
Chico Chagas and his custom-built Beltrami P26