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Great accordion music

Liscio Vagabondo – Gigi Stok

£10.00 inc. VAT

8 in stock

The master himself and his ensemble playing some of his own compsoitions and some collaborations with other composers:

Cuore Vagabondo (Stok),

Cavalcata ne circo (Stok),

L’inzuccata (Stok-G. Zucchi)

Diabolico (Stok)

Polka alla Iofini (Stok),

Olindo (Stok)

Vecchi Ricordi (Stok),

Acrobazie (Stok)

Furbacchiona (Stok),

L’Italiano a Parigi (Stok),

Orizzonte (Stok-Musatti)

Vecchia Volpe (Stok),

La Felinese (Stok-U. Maggiali),

I due cugini (Stok -T. Marani),

Scatto Magico (Stok-P.Piacentino),

La scugnizza (Stok – M.Carrara)

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 27 x 20 x 2 cm

L'Italiano a Parigi on Youtube