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Great accordion music

Gigi Stok e Carlo Venturi- Live

£10.00 inc. VAT

A unique album partly made up of excerpts from an exciting live concert featuring both Gigi Stok and Carlo Venturi.  Added to this are some other rarely-heard Gigi Stok recordings. Definitely one for the collector.

7 in stock

The first six tracks on this album are a live recording from one of Gigi Stok and Carlo Venturi’s many joint concerts with some of the performers’ own enthusiastic outbursts :

Elettrico (Stok),

Suona la fisarmonica (Gorni Kramer)

Vecchi Ricordi (Stok),

Saltarella (Stok),

Menestrello (Venturi),

Battagliero (Pattacini),

Armonica Ubriaca (Stok),

Principe in Liscio (Stok-P.Principe),

Adios Muchachos (Sanders),

Capriccioso (Stok),

Il Canarino (Fracasssino),

Giocando sui tasti (Stok),

Gelosia (Gade)

Pietro Ritorna (Deiro)

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 27 x 20 x 2 cm

Elettrico with Stok and Venturi on Youtube