Youtube Video – Romano Viazzani Quintet -Playing Astor Piazzolla’s Suite del Angel

The Romano Viazzani Quintet

Astor Piazzolla’s Suite del Angel – at The London Encounter 2016

The Romano Viazzani Quintet is happy to present the live recording of their debut performance with this line up at The London Encounter in 2016 with Romano Viazzani on Accordion, Corinna Hentschel on Violin, Jonathan Preiss on Guitar, John Bailey on Piano, Yaron Stavi on Double Bass. The ensemble specialises in traditional Argentine and European Tango and other related music and is planning a tour at the end of 2017 and into 2018.

Romano Viazzani New Tango Quintet to perform Piazzolla at The London Encounter 11th June 2016

Romano Viazzani and Bass player Yaron Stavi

Romano Viazzani New Tango Quintet

Romano Viazzani (Accordion), John Bailey (Piano), Yaron Stavi (Double Bass), Corinna Hentschel (Violin) and Jonathan Preiss (Guitar) have formed a new Tango quintet which will make its debut at The London Encounter, ETC venues, 155 Bishopsgate, London on the 11th June 2016.  The ensemble will play in the musical part of the cultural event called “Music and the “other”, which starts at 19.30.  They will be performing the whole of Astor Piazzolla’s  Ángel Suite (Milonga del Ángel, Muerte del Ángel,  Resurrección del Ángel). It is hoped that this will be the first of many tango-oriented concerts in the future. Romano Viazzani recorded this suite on a CD as solo accordion pieces formerly but this is the first time any of the musicians involved, who have all played in tango before, have performed it in with the original line-up Piazzolla scored for (if you allow a bit of artistic licence for the accordion playing the bandoneon part).  Yaron Stavi frequently plays Double Bass with no less than Richard Galliano himself, and Corinna Hentschel had her own Piazzolla Ensemble in her native Germany.


Romano Viazzani - accordion
Romano Viazzani
Jonathan Preiss-Guitar
Jonathan Preiss
John Bailey-Piano
John Bailey
Yaron Stavi-Double Bass
Yaron Stavi
Corinna Hentschel-violin
Corinna Hentschel