Maidstone Music Festival – 2018 – 24th-25th November

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Accordions at Maidstone Music Festival

Maidstone Music Festival is a beautifully-run Music festival in the heart of Kent and one of the few that includes an accordion and related instruments category. For this reason amongst many, it should be supported by the accordion scene in the UK.  There are solo, duet and ensemble categories and the festival organisers’ enthusiasm for the instrument is undiminished even though last year they had to pull the category due to cancellation of some of the participants.  Let’s hope that that doesn’t happen this year.To top it all the festival organisers are very nice friendly people too and accordionists are always made most welcome so really deserve support.   So get registering. The last entry date is October 8th 2018 and the festival will take place on the 24th and 25th November 2018.  Details are set out below.  Click on the syllabus for more details or log onto the festival website to download forms.


Please contact Sue Greenham (Chair)

Maidstone Music Festival, Gunning House, 60 Upper Fant Road, Maidstone ME16 8DN

Phone: 01622 750943

E-mail: info @

Facebook group: Maidstone Music Festival Website:



Sevenoaks Three Arts Festival 10th, 11th and 17th and 18th June 2017

sevenoaks three arts festival

Sevenoaks Three Arts Festival 2017

Sevenoaks Three Arts Festival always includes an Accordion and Concertina Section as does Maidstone Music festival which, many accordionists like to participate in.  It is wonderful that these festivals which are outside of the accordion scene in the UK want to continue having an accordion section.  So if teachers have any students they wish to enter into the competition please go to the festival website and send for a syllabus which will inform you as to the many categories which are open to you.  It is good for the accordion to be present at more general music festivals of all descriptions so please try to support anyone wishing to promote the accordion.

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