Accordions Together – Eastbourne Friday 12th to Monday 15th February 2016

Accordions Together

What better way to spend for an accordion-lover to spend St Valentine’s weekend listening to the instrument they love!  No doubt some accordion widows and widowers would have something to say about that statement.  Nevertheless, this weekend promises to to enthral even the unconverted. Great line-up of accordionists from all genres of accordion music: Pearl Adriano, Ian Watson, Julie North, Colin Walker, Jovan Rnjak, Harry Hussey and John Romero. There will be classes given by Ian Watson, Julie North   and Angie Lukins too.

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Accordion Showcase – Renfield, St Steven’s Church – Glasgow, March 13th 2016

Accordion Showcase

After last October’s hugely successful showcase the next twice-yearly event takes place on March 13th at Renfield St Steven’s Church, 260 Bath St, Glasgow G2 4JP.

A very full programme which includes workshops, a trade area afternoon and evening concerts with a line up of accordionist and ensembles including special guest accordionist Cristiano Lui and Guitarist Stefano Ciotola headlining (you can buy CD Buenos Aires Café on this site) who will also be taking a Tango workshop among the other workshops on offer.

These events are for all accordionists and accordion-lovers and the concerts will feature music from many genres, Scottish, Irish, Classical, Jazz, Tango etc. This is reflected in the workshops where people can come along and have a taster of trying something different.

Our Beltrami agent in Scotland is one of the event sponsors we are happy to say.

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